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The best learning experience for all learners to connect with nature and the world around them

​GreenEducation exists to unleash the fullest potential of learners through transformative, innovative, and experiential learning environment where it allows all learners to fully connect with people, nature, and the world for a better future.   ​

Courses and Workshops

We believe in lifelong learning and that we all have the potential to do great things for society.
We are currently teaching two courses to high school students at the Plearnpattana School: Food Security and Design Thinking & Innovation. Moreover, since August 2021, we have arranged two Design Thinking workshops for parents, teachers, and personnel at the school.
Courses & Workshops

Learning Center

Located in Plearnpattana School, Bangkok, Thailand. Rambler's learning center was built not only for students but also for everyone who is interested in food security, regenerative agriculture, and self-reliance.   
Learning Center
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