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Rambler To be Featured in The Global Media Platform

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Rambler Was Featured in The Green Queen's Article

We are honored that we were featured in the Green Queen's article about impactful startups that will transform how the world process and consume food.

Green Queen is an award-winning impact media platform advocating for social & environmental change, the leading sustainability news outlet in the Asian region and a global reference for the alternative protein industry, one of the most important consumer products and investment opportunities of our time.

In 2020, Green Queen Media was awarded the prestigious Best In World Special Awards Prize by the Hallbars Sustainability Reports Awards, a Swedish organisation that recognises the best planet-led reporting in around the world for our outstanding contribution to raising awareness about climate change. In 2021, our sophomore report the APAC Alternative Protein Industry Report 2021 – APAC Acceleration also won the Hallbars Sustainability Reports Awards – Best Plant-Based Institutions.

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