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Rambler Will be Participating In Food Systems Game Changers Lab!

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

With the support of the United Nations Food Systems Summit 2021, IDEO, EAT, and Rockefeller Foundation, the Food Systems Game Changers Lab Global Open Call asked: How might we build a better food future for everyone, everywhere?

FSGCL sought potential game-changing solutions—ideas, innovations, and initiatives—that could create systemic change to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. The Global Open Call opened the doors for stakeholders around the world to join a global community of food systems solvers and be part of a movement.

Rambler was selected as a Food Systems Game Changer Cohort 19: Enabling Affordable & Accessible Nutrition

FSGCL received 505 submissions from 85 countries. From a Brazilian company seeking to mainstream regenerative farming for the production of traditional pão de queijo cheese, to an Indian women-owned food processing model that aims to improve livelihoods and food security, to a global true cost accounting accelerator that wants to enable better outcomes that benefit people and nature, the diversity and transformative potential of these solutions is truly inspiring.

In the next phase, the Solutions Accelerator Program, cohorts will work together to create an action agenda—a roadmap for scaling their solutions globally. These action agendas will support participants in converting promising solutions into game-changing ones, build consensus and collaboration, and take a systems approach to creating coalitions that can deliver real change. Cohorts will also have the opportunity to meet with investors and national and local governments poised to implement solutions at scale.

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